Advancing HTL Biocrude Upgrading:

CIRCULAIR develops tailored upgrading schemes to convert the biocrude that results from HTL conversion into transportation fuels with a high share of jet fuel. Innovations include pre-treatment strategies and hydrotreatment schemes for the processing of HTL biocrudes with high in organics content.


Research and innovation activities to upgrade HTL biocrude to on-specification jet fuel (© Aalborg University)


Slurry hydrotreatment pilot plant at RISE (© RISE)

Jet Fuel Optimization: CIRCULAIR’s Hydrocracking

CIRCULAIR will significantly increase the share of jet fuel in the final product by hydrocracking of distillation residues, which is especially important for the effective conversion of biomasses with high lignocellulosic content. Finally, suitable hydro-finishing solutions are developed to meet jet fuel specifications. In particular, it is targeted to reduce the residual nitrogen content below 10 ppm.